Fear Factory: Visits South Africa in June

Fear Factory 2015

Johannesburg, South Africa: it was announced last night on the local tour promoter’s website, Witchdoctor Productions, that USA’s legendary Fear Factory are scheduled for two live performances in South Africa this June. Local dates for the tour will be joined by Pretoria’s Boargazm, and by Johannesburg’s 11th Hour at Bassline on 10 June, plus by Cape Town’s Ill System at The Assembly on 11 June.

A comprehensive introduction to Fear Factory has been published at the tour promoter’s website. The USA band’s career spans nearly thirty years and includes nine studio albums; the latest of which, Genexus, was released in 2015. Fear Factory were massively influential in the 1990’s since introducing industrial and electronic components seamlessly into death metal, as well as a style of clean vocals otherwise not previously prevalent within the genre. The band also has displayed and maintained an appeal for fans of traditional metal styles, despite having pushed the boundaries into areas previously spurned by traditional metallers. The latest incarnation of the band includes two of it’s founding members, Burton C. Bell and Dino Cazares.

South Africa’s Boargazm have toured South Africa extensively, and pushed deeper into other African territories than any other local metal band with visits to Botswana, Mozambique, and Kenya. With their high energy nu-metal-infused brand of “Pig Metal from Outer Space”, Boargazm have proven to be popular stage performers and taken their act beyond Africa into South America and a tour of Europe. They will accompany Fear Factory on both dates in South Africa.

11th Hour and Ill System are both staples of Nu-metal/Rap in the respective cities of Johannesburg and Cape Town, each with a long legacy spanning at least a decade. Incidentally, both bands have returned out of hiatus within the last two years, reinvigorating the local live scene for this style of music in South Africa and bringing a bouncier side of heavy music back into the picture after some years of dominance by more traditional styles.

Other tours hosted by Witchdoctor Productions to follow in 2016 include Greek band Rotting Christ, Finland’s Amorphis, and Germany’s Eskimo Callboy. Tickets for all shows can be acquired via Quicket.

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