Feed The Beneath: first single with ‘Malignant’

Feed The Beneath 2018 Malignant

Pretoria, South Africa: bursting onto the scene with force this Winter is Feed The Beneath. Rising from out of nowhere, this five-piece groove/death metal machine assails us with its debut single, ‘Malignant’ today. With such a purposeful entrance, we just had to go and learn more about who makes up this band and what the master plan happens to be.

“The aim of the game is to kick start the scene in Pretoria again; because it died, and it died very quickly with venues that support heavy music closing down and other venues not wanting to help the heavy scene. We’re aiming to create a sustainable heavy scene here with monthly shows featuring different bands; and eventually bringing down some of the sick talent in Cape Town and Durban for the gauteng folks, because we don’t get to see those bands.” ~ Julian McMurray (vocals, Feed The Beneath)

Julian tells us how Feed The Beneath emerges simultaneously with a production brand called MadLad. MadLad hosts its debut show on 07 September at Pretoria’s Arcade Empire, sporting a brutal line-up of five bands. So far, it’s looking pretty impressive for a grand entrance to the nightlife landscape.

Metalmorphosis 2018 MadLad

Malignant, a new force in Groovy Death Metal

Distant are the days recalled of Durban’s Contrast The Water which championed South Africa’s Death/Groove representation. Feed The Beneath hones in on this gap in the local metalscape; as a natural feeling of the band’s creative energy, plus an opportunity to open up some mosh pits.

“Well in context of the music we don’t really think there are any groove-death bands out here, basically combining the rhythm of groove metal with the absolute brutality of deathcore vocals and breakdowns. ‘Malignant’ is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to how heavy our sound really is. We just like the melodic theme of the song, which is why we chose to release it first. Kind of an easy-listening song compared to the rest.” ~ Julian McMurray

Julian also describes the lyrics as being about the battle against drug abuse – a matter of personal experience:

“I had some problems about three years ago with drugs. Basically, it’s about how drugs can take over your life quicker than you think and how telling yourself that it’s not a problem just makes the problem worse. It’s lies and it’s a great big monster constantly talking in your head. I compare it to a monster or to a war, because that’s what it is: ‘its a fucking cancer with a grip like a pipe wrench, wrapped around your arms like your chained to your last breath’ ! the final verse lyrics explains it perfectly, haha! And, how you feel fine when you’re out there taking drugs and partying, but once it’s over you’re just back in the nightmare of struggling to keep up with your addiction.” ~ Julian McMurray (vocals, Feed The Beneath)

The song, recorded by Clinton Watts at Watts Productions Recording Studio, will appear on all major platform within a few days. For now, free listening on youtube, with visual candy by Jason Modryc at Sepulchral Visions. Feed The Beneath is bringing the war to the stage effective immediately. Catch Julian and his cohorts live at the following upcoming dates, and keep an eye out for more:

    25 August @ Sundowners, Alberton for ARMAGEDDON 2018, with Adorned in Ash, Riddlebreak, Only Forever and more…
    07 September @ Arcade Empire, Pretoria for Metalmorphosis, with Resurrection of Fetal Remains, Hypergiant A.E and more…
    22 September @ Aandklas, Hatfield for Metal Manifestation, with Raptorbaby, FenrisWulf and more…

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