First four African bands announced for Witchfest 2016

Alestorm crowdsurf live at Witchfest 2015

With memories of 2015’s installation of Witchdoctor Productions Witchfest still fresh, the promoter has already announced the first of South African bands who will be appearing at 2016.

Reaching into four of the nations provinces to seek out fresh acts of extreme metal talent, the monster metal festival’s organizers presented the following bands on Saturday passed: BloodBeast; The Overmind; SuiderbeeS, and; Displeased Disfigurement. All four bundle nicely under the death metal umbrella, although each brings a slightly different approach to the broader sub-genre.

From Witchfest‘s home province of Gauteng, BloodBeast is headed by ex-Architecture Of Aggression front-man, ‘Van666’ Alberts, with his new squad of recruits. In some ways, the band picks up very much where AOA left off in terms of uncompromising brutality and the rough-around-the-edges ethos of traditional, raw-to-the-bone death metal.

The Overmind hails from the land of Witchdoctor Productions origins in Kwazulu Natal. The band, consisting of some scene veteran musos combined with some newer names, released a killer EP called Dissolution in 2015. They have since begun to solidify their name as a force on the local national scene; a claim which will be greatly enhanced by their Witchfest 2016 appearance.

Suiderbees from Cape Town can be aptly translated into ‘Southern Beast’, or ‘Beast from The South’. Witchfest 2016 will be the bands second sojourn in the North following their Emalyth Arts Expo appearance in 2014. Blackened death metal with a symphonic edge would probably be a suitable description of their sound, or as fans have come to describe them: “BeesPoesBrutaal”.

Displeased Disfigurement is a name which has long been knocking about from the country’s Eastern front in picturesque Mpumalanga Province. Featuring two members of another well-known band from the region with Bleeding Spawn, this particular act is no less savage in their approach to metal than the latter; labeling themselves as ‘death slam grind’.

Of course, this is not to discredit the already mammoth international line-up in any way, which already includes the likes of: Behemoth (Poland); Konkhra (Denmark); At The Gates (Sweden); The Haunted (Sweden); Rotting Christ (Greece), and a newer name; Voltumna (Italy). We just like to talk about our African metal bands as fondly as we do their global counterparts!

Visit the Facebook event page for Witchfest 2016 for updates. Tickets are already on sale and can be acquired via the Witchdoctor Productions website/shop, or via True Believers membership for those who are signed up.

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