Fleshgod Apocalypse and Alestorm announced for Witchfest 2015

Whoever penned the phrase “too much of a good thing” obviously didn’t let Witchdoctor Productions know! Sunday night saw the team add Scottish pirate metallers Alestorm and Italian death metal maestros Fleshgod Apocalypse to the already hefty bill of Witchfest 2015!

alestorm-promoAlestorm have been peddling their distinct brand of nautical-themed power metal since 2007, have released three full-length albums and toured worldwide with bands like Dragonforce and Kamelot. Locals who enjoy Strident‘s song “Pirates” would do well to check these guys out, because what’s better than a whole album of cheesy, over-the-top piratical shanties? Alestorm fits into the “guilty pleasure” section of my music collection – too ridiculous to be taken seriously, but catchy-as-fuck and can only be enjoyed with a shit-eating grin!

fleshgod-apocalypse-promoReturning to South Africa after their successful 2012 tour of the country, Fleshgod Apocalypse will once show that death metal and classical orchestration go together better than you would think! I dislike throwing the word “epic” around unwarranted, but it sums up Fleshgod‘s grandiose sound perfectly – every note is deliberate, every blast beast and orchestral flourish fits perfectly into the music and mood created on stage. If you missed them during their first tour, do whatever it takes to see one of the tightest and most entertaining death metal acts in the world!

Wicthfest 2015 already boasts Belphegor and V.O.D. on the lineup, and Witchdoctor have their hands full with Kataklysm next month and Sepultura later in the year. Too much of a good thing? I saw 2014 is a great year to be a metal head in South Africa!

Watch Fleshgod Apocalypse performing at Wolmer Events Arena during the 2012 Detonation Tour below:

Watch Alestorm‘s video for “Keelhauled” off their album Back Through Time below:

Find out more about Witchfest 2015 at their official blog!