Forgive Us Not for the Export of Local Music

The very reason for existing and our biggest goal is that we want to see music made in Africa to take seed in international market places. We’re very impressed to see one young Cape Town band beginning to do just that within less than two years of their own existence. Featured at our own annual SummerFest event in Stellenbosch, Forgive Us Not are now roaring towards 3000 facebook likes on their page, and this pace set by the release of some well recorded songs.

USA-based label Swimming With Sharks has selected the recently released track “Sea Of Sin” from Forgive Us Not to be featured on a compilation album. The band’s music will be featured alongside artists such as The Browning, Fear Factory (Candlelight Records) and Voivod (Relapse Records & Nuclear Blast EU) as headliners. It is reported that the compilation will take the format of a promotional nature, with free copies being handed out at local (to USA) festivals such as Shockwave Festival Tour and pushed through popular download sites with the labels marketing backing.

On this note, we at believe that the Cape Town scene is finally seeing the return of quality melodic deathcore (broader genre description – not trying to pigeon-hole anybody,) since the void left by bands such as Day Turns Night and Betray The Emissary when they departed from the live scene some years ago. This void is being replaced by the likes of Forgive Us Not, The Impalement Theory and Messiah Complex who are all working very hard to fill some pretty big shoes. Hopefully this will soon see the region back on equal footing with the Gauteng Province who still boasts a sturdy force in the sub-genre, spearheaded by stalwarts such as Facing The Gallows and The Dead Will Tell, amidst others. Best of luck to these bands!

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