FREExMONEY: ‘Bad Vibes’ debut EP out now

FREExMONEY 2016 Bad Vibes artwork

Johannesburg, South Africa: with hardcore punk band FREExMONEY having exploded onto the live scene only months ago, the band is already booked to tour across South Africa as support for Italy’s Slander arriving this week. Today, FREExMONEY takes South Africa by surprise yet again by delivering it’s Bad Vibes debut EP only days in advance of the beginning of the national tour.

Bad Vibes was self-recorded under the care of guitarist Richard Staub, who also mastered the EP, but not before sending it off to Michael Dahlstrom in Sweden (God Mother) for mixing. The EP also features a guest vocal appearance by Stijn Deweerdt of Belgium hardcore band Ashes on the final track ‘Built for Extinction’, which had also visited South Africa previously.

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