Gates of Aaru Welcome You to the New Dawn


Black metal has always been a curious creature in South Africa. It may not always be present on stages (when was the last time you saw a black metal band live), but it always seems to be lurking just beneath the surface, rearing its head every couple of years in a burst of ferocity and seething hate. Cape Town is enjoying somewhat of a resurgence lately with Nebula Disrupt making waves on a local scene starved of the dark and demonic, and now this…

I will admit, I did not know about Gates of Aaru until yesterday, when somebody posted “Welcome to the New Dawn” to our Facebook page. The blast-beat maelstrom is punctuated by chaotic riffs and snarling vocals, reminiscient of Dimmu Borgir‘s Puritanical Euphoric Misanthropia era. The production is thick and the symphohic elements serve to augment the other instruments instead of being overbearing. The track just rips and I really look forward to the release of In Retribution of Life and Decay early next year!

Listen to “Welcome to the New Dawn” by Gates of Aaru below: