Get Enraged By “Ma’at”

enraged-promo-2013 There must be something in the Nile waters. So far every band that I’ve heard from the deserts of Egypt has been really slick, from the production to the songwriting to the sheer energy that they all seem to put out with their music.

Enter Enraged another facet of the Cairo scene that play a blend of gothic and power metal and have just released the first single, “Ma’at” from their upcoming album Jeremiad. The thing that I love about Egyptian bands is that you always know exactly where they are from the moment you hear a clear melody, much like the Gothenburg or Norwegian sounds. This kind of identity in metal is incredibly important and cements Enraged as part of a rapidly expanding scene that the world should take notice of soon. The lyrical content also focusses on the familiar instead of the typical metal tropes that often feel far too Eurocentric for my tastes. In this case, Ma’at is the ancient Egyptian goddess of law and justice ‘who set the order of the universe from chaos at the moment of creation’.

The soft crooning of female vocalist, Rasha, weaves between authentically Egyptian melodies with frontman WeO reminding me of Strident‘s Deon van Heerden in his delivery. While it is a fairly slow number, “Ma’at” is a headbanger of a track with an absolutely infectious groove and a sword-held-high guitar solo at the 3:30 mark!

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