Goat Throne: Blood for the Blood Goat, album released

Blood for the Blood Goat

Goat Throne 2019 Blood for the Blood Goat

Johannesburg, South Africa: self-confessed “Dumb Metal” band -or Stoner Metal if you prefer- Goat Throne recently released its first album, Blood for the Blood Goat. So who is Goat Throne? Admittedly, this is the first time we are writing about them, although they’re no spring chickens on the South African scene.

Established as early as 2014, Goat Throne‘s only other release to date consists of three tracks on a split EP with fellow Jozi stoners, Mad God, back in 2015. Apart from a fairly rigorous gigging regime previously, the lads took some time out for while in between member change-ups.

“Unfortunately, after that release our drummer Alexis moved down to Cape Town and we kinda went into hiatus for a while until we could find a good replacement. Initially, Chris Staub from FreexMoney jammed for us so we could play all the shows we’d booked. We eventually got the groove machine Greg Watson into the band and everything just sort of clicked again. We knew immediately; this was the right guy for us! Since Goat Throne’s inception we have been all about the groove… and the heavier the better.” ~ Lyle ‘Jarl of Linden’ (vocals, Goat Throne)

Lyle describes Goat Throne as being inspired by a huge mix of genres. From blues, punk and rock’n’roll, through to stoner doom and more extreme genres like death and black metal.

“As long as it grooves… we’ll klop those hooves.” ~ Lyle ‘Jarl of Linden’

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Blood for the Blood Goat

Blood for the Blood Goat is already available to stream on major platforms (since Monday), including on Spotify, Deezer and iTunes. Or buy it outright via Bandcamp” rel=”noopener” target=”_blank”>Bandcamp.

Lyle discussed a little about the lyrical themes strung throughout the album:

“The themes vary from track to track, but cover things like: Satan (lol), Serial killers, War, Love, Drugs, playing the fool, dealing with a slow decay into madness and the crushing hopelessness of being alive. We see the pain of living; the tiresome cycles of war and plunder; we’re trying to see the world through the eyes of the mentally deranged (serial killers) and through the eyes of those whose blind faith tells them that some magical being from the clouds will somehow fix all their problems.” ~ Lyle ‘Jarl of Linden’ (vocals, Goat Throne)

In other words, staying true to the blissful gloom of Doom, Goat Throne represents both the worst and the best things about life in this world:

“We’re here for a good time. We understand life is miserable for the most part and we commiserate with that, but life’s also too short to be taken too seriously. That’s where we sit as a band. We write songs about terrible things to groovy riffs for people who want to come to a show and have a good time.” ~ Lyle ‘Jarl of Linden’ (vocals, Goat Throne)

Goat Throne: image courtesy of Killkenny Photography

Goat Throne live shows and album launches

There are some album launch shows taking place. Presently, there are dates only for Durban and Johannesburg, although Lyle reckons this is only the start of a wicked second half of the year ahead.

“We recently got to say farewell to the Rumours Rock City in Cresta at Weird Boner 3 along with a whole bunch of great bands. Goat Throne just loves to play live! Sometimes we are a little bit on the heavy side of the line-up, but we are never afraid to jump on a mixed genre bill and hopefully it shows. This year we feel a mighty resurgence and are really looking forward to collecting your blood for the blood goat at our future shows.” ~ Lyle ‘Jarl of Linden’

Immediate album launch shows include:

15 June @ The Winston Pub, Durban.
Line-up includes: Gutslut, Skinstripper, Taekwondo Sleepover, Write off, Goat Throne and Imperious Vision.

22 June @ 16 Fabriek Street, Randburg (limited space – get tickets), Johannesburg.
Line-up includes: Mad God, Goat Throne and Facing the Gallows.

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