God Mother: Swedish intensity to blast SA

God Mother: Swedish Hardcore 2015

Stockholm, Sweden: What do you get when you take a handful of Swedes, gather them into a tiny room with some extremely hi-gain amplification, and then throw in a beehive of pseudo-social nonsense to kick around? Ah well, not much really, besides an earful of brutal rage and one of the most acclaimed Grindcore/Hardcore Metal albums of 2015! What’s more is that this band, the eloquently named God Mother, will soon be enjoyed live in South Africa as they tour the nation alongside Melodic Death Metal locals, Maximum Carnage. We had a few words with the local promoter at NoiseFix, a website/organization which seems to be a more or less Hardcore-oriented equivalent to us here at metal4africa.

NoiseFix is not a booking agency. We’re more a group of musicians who have all had our share of touring and booking shows. We try to offer a platform for smaller international bands to come here with a return that would be similar to what we would expect if we went abroad.” ~ Richard Staub (spokesperson, NoiseFix)

Richard describes the format of the tour (and others undertaken by NoiseFix) as one where they strive to book a series of awesome local shows which would be successful even without an international on board, but well within the parameters of the sub-culture. This means that touring bands would be coming to experience directly the dynamics of a local scene in another country, it’s culture, and sense of community. God Mother, in fact, seem eager enough to engage in this that they are paying their own way to visit us; and NoiseFix will be facilitating all of the shows on the tour at no charge or commission, thus allowing the band to make the best returns possible.

“Everything is done with a D.I.Y ethic and these tours will always be rooted in the Punk and Hardcore community. Everyone involved with NoiseFix have been booking shows for years, just not under any banner or name.” ~ Richard Staub

God Mother will be accompanied by a plethora of local support, ranging in diverse sub-genres as Pop-Punk, Death Metal, Black Metal, Doom, and pretty much any other “cousin” of metal imaginable. Keeping along for the entire tour will be Pretoria’s already mentioned Maximum Carnage, and paths will also be crossed with the likes of Facing The Gallows, Mad God, Life Below, Strage, Dreams Of Nightmares, Burn Piano Island, Mezzanine Floor, Undead Generation, Wildernessking, Peasant, One Eight Seven and Dead End..

2016 Tour Dates:

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3 March – Schivas Rock, Pretoria
4 March – The Bohemian, Johannesburg
5 March – The Winston, Durban
6 March – Secret Show
8 March – Warriors Pub, Bloemfontein
9 March – Champs, Grahamstown
10 March – Pool City, Port Elizabeth
11 March – Club Med, Cape Town
12 March – ROAR, Cape Town

God Mother SA Tour

God Mother are the second international visitors assisted by the fellows at NoiseFix, following the tour by Ashes (Belgium) and Conqueror (SA) in 2015. Our friend Richard has hinted at other exciting plans in the pipeline for 2016.

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