Going Full Blast: more than a decade in metal

Mind Assault Going Full Blast ten years in metal

Few metal bands in the Southern African region manage to last longer than just a couple of years. With local cities spread far apart and virtually zero touring destinations laying between, plus the challenge of geographic and economic isolation from global touring routes, musicians of all genres struggle to maintain the momentum required to survive. However, there are some names in the scene which just refuse to die! Midst national greats such as Gauteng’s Agro and SacriFist who have long ago passed the ten-year milestone, others are now emerging who can claim similar credit. In Cape Town, Terminatryx are in their twelfth year, and both Mind Assault and Mind The Child have recently joined the ranks of ten-years-plus.

In order to celebrate this city’s accomplishment, another local long-running legend has stepped forward to host Going Full Blast in the form of none other than ROAR at 299 Lower Main Road, Observatory. The show takes place tonight at a meager R30 entry. Full details can be seen on the facebook event page.

“We pitched the idea to Antonio, owner of ROAR and long-time friend of the local metal scene. He was more than happy to oblige and so we rounded up ourselves and another two bands who have been successful in enduring through the years. We hope that many more can follow this example in years to come.” ~ Donovan Tose (bass, Mind Assault)

Mind Assault

Mind Assault hit the live circuit in October of 2004, making this coming show their ten-year live performance milestone, although the band formation can be traced back to 2003. At that time, Mind Assault were one of only a tiny handful of extreme metal acts in and around the Cape Town area. Anything remotely representing the sounds of thrash or death metal had become a novelty since the previous scene had all but collapsed under the pressures of the late 1990s dance movement. The band has been credited by some sources, to an extent, as pioneering and reinvigorating a new generation of extreme metal in the city, also unashamedly using the language of Afrikaans in many of their songs lyrics; this was not at all typical of local metal bands up until the arrival of Mind Assault. The band has enjoyed a fairly consistent line-up with all four founding members still active in the band, although often making use of a session guitarist when travel for lead guitarist (Franscois Pretorius) from Namibia is difficult. The only member change, featuring Andries Smit on drums, was in 2007 before the release of the bands debut full-length, Stigma. Mind Assault are a highly acclaimed live act, having appeared multiple times at festivals such as RAMfest, and also at other large South African festivals such as Oppikoppi. Midst other key appearances, Mind Assault supported Lamb Of God at both cities on their 2014 South African tour, and will be appearing in support of At The Gates in 2015.


Terminatryx play a less intensive, yet more diversified flavour of metal than the other two bands on the line-up, including female vocals and industrial/electronic elements spliced in with thick bass and high-gain guitar. The band was established by husband-and-wife duo, Paul and Sonja, in 2002. Having recruited various session musicians for live performances over the years, the band line-up has stabilized since their 2008 self-titled debut release with Ronnie Belcher (Grämlich, The Flaming De Villes) on drums and Patrick Davidson (Mind Assault) on guitar appearing alongside Sonja and Paul at all live shows. Over the span of these years, Terminatryx has appeared as support for a number of international visitors including Diary Of Dreams, Martin Degville of Sigue Sigue Sputnik, VNV Nation, Sheep On Drugs, and will be supporting Ministry in 2015.

Mind The Child

Mind The Child have endured a slightly less smooth road in their ten years, but prevail nonetheless. Consisting again today of three original members with vocalist Wynand Vervaart, bassist Ettienne van Staden and drummer Johann Brand, the band has been growing with renewed strength since welcoming Wesley Van Staden on guitar. Originally a five-piece, Mind The Child moved to a four-piece format when Johann gave up his guitar in favour of drums owing to the bands continued struggle to find a permanent drummer. With the return of Wynand, Mind The Child has been rebuilding and rewriting their death metal sounds in this format.

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