Going to Watch Lamb of God? Don’t Forget Your Goat and Pentagrams!

Head in Hands

I’m a big supporter of religious tolerance and just letting everybody believe what they want to believe. I’m also a big supporter of metal and the notion that metal often brings groups of (seemingly) anti-social people together to rock out and have a good time. Of course, ignorance about metal culture still runs rife in South Africa and the rest of the continent. While I wouldn’t classify metalheads as being oppressed by any means, every now and then something flares up that just highlights the ignorance that exists towards metalheads and what happens at metal gigs.

Some of us will remember the fracas that shot up around Devildriver‘s plans to tour South Africa back in 2008 (And yet Fleshgod Apocalypse toured without hassle. What gives?) and now history seems to repeat itself in the face of Lamb of God‘s upcoming dates this weekend. Just take a look at this Facebook post below, courtesy of an enterprising contributor to comedy cesspool 9gag.


Did you know that a murder took place at the concert venue? Neither does the rest of the news media… because it didn’t happen! I suppose to the uneducated, a moshpit might look like an orgy of sorts, but the only bodily fluids will be lots of sweat and maybe a bloody nose if people headbang irresponsibly. Hell, there might even be a couple of Christian metalheads in attendance – I wonder what the supposed “Satanic High Priests” will think of that?

And lastly, I doubt Lamb of God have any designs on the South African elections. If anything, Randy Blythe’s tribute to Nelson Mandela earlier this year should show exactly what he feels towards our country:

“…he was one of the finest humans of our time. I grew up hearing of this man imprisoned in South Africa, & I like millions world wide, was overjoyed when he finally was released in 1990. He came out of prison and within four years was South Africa’s first black president, having spearheaded the political movement that peacefully ended the racist apartheid government. He did great things for his people after he was free, there is no doubt.”

(via MetalInsider)

Sadly there is little chance of this message reaching the ears of our dear friend on Facebook, but let’s refrain from giving these types of people more ammunition to hurl at metal culture and instead try to educate and inform those who see black t-shirts and long hair as a threat. Hell, you’ll probably find an old Sabbath record tucked away in their collection if you look hard enough!

Do you regularly have to deal with people who don’t understand metal culture? Do you think there is any substance to the Facebook post’s claims? Tell us in the comments below!