Halvar: Baptised in Blasphemy out today

Halvar 2021 Baptised in Blasphemy

Cape Town, South Africa: blistering thrash metal is the order of the day with Halvar‘s latest EP, Baptised In Blasphemy. The five-track collection features a guest on the title track; no less than Warzy from Japanese thrash act, Hate Beyond.

Baptised in Blasphemy

The album, surprisingly, is a largely homemade product. Band members Daniel Louw and Dolf Lomarb took care of mixing and master; whilst Eevee Bester, family member of guitarist Wian Bester, provided the album artwork.

The pedigree of output from this still relatively fresh band on the scene is apparent from the mix of members, with participants in Halvar being known from connections with bands such as Imperial Destruction and The Fallen Prophets.

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