Halvar: Second full length album announced

Halvar band

Stellenbosch, Cape Town has been well documented for producing some of the most raw and hard hitting thrash and death metal outfits this side of the African continent. One such band that has been working timelessly in their rise, 3-piece thrash band, Halvar. M4A caught up with guitarist and newly appointed vocalist Daniel Louw to get the scoop on what’s to come.

“Our second full length album, Ancestral Communication comprises of ten tracks, including our two single releases from last year, Sadistic Euphoria and Be the Wolf; Kill the Lamb. I feel our writing has matured quite significantly compared to Welcome to Reality, I was listening to a lot of Death, Gojira, Bolt Thrower and Havok while writing for Ancestral, the influence can be heard, lyrical content ranges from themes such as suffering from depression to critiques on religion and society.” ~Daniel Louw (Guitarist, Vocalist, Halvar)

Artwork and Involvement with MMD

Ivan Bester, (brother of Halvar bassist Wian Bester) provided the macabre style artwork for the new album which depicts three decrepit looking beings, feasting on the remains of a carcass of some kind. In 2019, Halvar joined the MMD Records family, headed up by local scene veteran Lyle Jensen, which has played a vital role in the promoting of their current and future releases.

“Another aspect of this album that we are extremely grateful for is our involvement with MMD Records. Lyle’s guidance and help is greatly appreciated!” ~Daniel Louw

Recording Process

Tracking began in March 2019 with the band bringing in the element of live recorded drums, contributing quite significantly to a natural and energetic sound. Tracking was done in-house with Dolf Lombard (Drummer) and Daniel Louw with Dolf handling the mixing and mastering duties as well. As far the studio goes, Halvar are keeping it DIY.

Be the wolf; Kill the lamb (New Single)

Halvar’s Ancestral Communication will be released on all platforms on the 28th of March 2020 via MMD Records. Keep up-to-date with metal4africa.com for future releases around the African continent.