Harvest Misery: brutally sci-fi coming soon


Durban, South Africa: this nation’s apparent capital city for Slam and Sludge currently, two opposite extremes on the underground music circuit, offers up yet another new project from it’s metallic pits. Harvest Misery is a technical death metal side project featuring members of the esteemed Vulvodynia and other bands, but with a specific theme and focus on sci-fi.

The Existomalus invasion of Earth threatens the Xenoluvian parasitic choke hold of the human race. Humanity is rapidly surgically infused with Xenoluvian aliens to create an army powerful enough to defeat the Existomalus Invasion ~ is the starting point of the narrative to be played out within the music’s lyrical theme. With the arrival of the band’s first lyric video, and news of their self-titled debut album coming up on 30 November, we queried Harvest Misery a little further.

“So, about Harvest Misery… It is kind of metal with a story-based element, I guess. We want it to be big, atmospheric, heavy and dark. It’ll be up to the listener to decide if they feel its unique or different to our usual Vulvodynia slam sound. But we have ideas all the time and then we make music we feel sounds good based on those ideas, and that’s really the bottom line.” ~ Byron Dunwoody (guitar/production, Harvest Misery)

Byron describes the project as being strictly a studio venture, admitting that from a production point of view, fans of Vulvodynia should find it comfortably familiar. Although the project also ventures into some new territory for it’s members.

“With it being a side project, the goal is simply to make good music. We won’t be aiming for any performance, so we thought we might as well create some really layered and impressive musical compositions. Coming up with a story helps influence some interesting sounds. I had a lot of fun creating the ‘sci-fi movie soundscape’ type of atmosphere present in the tracks.” ~ Byron Dunwoody

With a suitably grizzly artwork from Aditia Wardhana and the release date set for 30 November plus a lyric video already out, pre-orders and merch sales have been launched via the band’s international partners at BigCartel.com or digital pre-orders at Harvest Misery’s own bandcamp page.

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