Heavy Metal Botswana Documentary Screening On SA Cinema

March Of The Gods

In May of 2013, three European travelers arrived in the Southern African country of Botswana with a mission: to document the story of international interest first initiated by South African photographer, Frank Marshall. The resulting film is now beginning its own journey into the world, and has been titled: March Of The Gods – Botswana Metalheads. Raffaele Mosca (director), Natalia Kouneli (producer) and Allesio Calabreis (story editor) set out to portray a world of heavy metal so different from anywhere else in the world, interviewing band members (featuring members from Wrust, Skinflint, Overthrust and more) and fans alike. It will be featured as part of X-Fest film festival in Cape Town (05 April) and Johannesburg (05-07 April).

“Our aim was to depict the reality of the scene as accurately as possible, presenting many different points of view and largely using the observational mode so as to offer the experience of a gig as if the audience was there” ~ Raffaele Mosca

The film delves into they “why” of the uniquely characteristic Botswana metal scene, and what it’s propagators stand for. This phenomenon had captured the worlds imagination some years ago when Frank’s photos first appeared in the Vice Magazine.

“The pictures I took were just a vessel of them. I really admired the vision and sincerity of Raffaele (and his crew) right off the bat. I always hoped that someone like them would come along and really flesh out the rest of the story.” ~ Frank Marshall

Raffaele himself will be flying from Italy to introduce the South African screenings in Cape Town on 05 April, and Johannesburg on 07 April. Interested members of the public would have the opportunity to ask any questions related to the film and its creation. Full festival dates and schedules can be found on the facebook event page or more information about the actual films being screened (including Lamb Of God’s As The Palaces Burn documentary) at the X-Fest website.

An in depth article on the film can be read at thisisafrica, or visit the official website for March Of The Gods.

Tickets for the Cape Town screening at the Labia Theatre can be purchased here.

Tickets for the Johannesburg screenings at The Bioscope can be purchased here (on the home page, scroll down until the film title appears, and then click on the link for ticket sales).

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