Hilliker: Cognitive Analgesia

Hilliker 2018 Cognitive Analgesia

Johannesburg, South Africa: if you’ve never heard of low fidelity slamming brutal death metal, then today is your lucky day. Hilliker is the solo project of none other than Alec Larsen. Alec is forging a name for himself as participant in a wide spectrum of heavy bands; not least of all including Surdus, Omentum and Abhorrent Anomaly, although other projects have also simmered over time. Today, Hilliker unveils its grizzly self with the single ‘Cognitive Analgesia’ and promises much more to come.

Cognitive Analgesia… sounds unpleasant. For the sufferer, or for their victims?

The band name, Hilliker, is quite subtle compared to most Slam band names and comes from the fictional, murderous hillbilly brothers from the Wrong Turn movie franchise. Alec tells us how ‘Cognitive Analgesia’ is a condition describing people that are unable to feel pain, and never have. This is often accompanied by a lack of empathy and in extreme cases, sadism. This is what the Hilliker brothers are diagnosed with in Wrong Turn 4.

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Speaking of turns (neither right nor wrong), we asked Alec about this particular musical journey. Why take the road alone?

“I started Hilliker when I had quite a lot of free time and I was feeling frustrated with having other people involved in the creation process. The goal was to knock out an album in less than a month. I have since lost the aforementioned free time, but I am still continuing with this project. The music is low fidelity – meaning that it does not have the sky-high production values of my other projects and is much more raw. This is my only project that does not involve an external producer.” ~ Alec Larsen (the band, Hilliker)

With this sneak peak in place, Alec promises to deliver an album. Ironically, for a project intended to take a month, it may or may not be completed this year. Either way, we know that at least one of Alec’s other projects will deliver more great content in 2018. We’ll forgive him the slip-up in meeting target for this one.

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