Hokum Delivers An Earworm


Based in Midrand, Johannesburg, progressive hard rockers Hokum have just released their new single “Earworm” along with free download option on Soundcloud. Featuring members formerly of the band Marlowe, this new guise (established already since 2005) has taken on a well-developed sound, evident from previous releases also available on the bands Soundcloud account.

The band has released a number of singles, including “Earworm”, produced by Dylan Ellis. Although not broadly recognized as a name in the harder metal circles, Dylan has also worked with South African bands The Hammer Of Redemption and Empery, as well as some projects in the United Arab Emirates metal scene.

Scott Wareham (vocals/guitar) had this to say about the release:

“The song was inspired by the Oliver Sacks novel, ‘Musicophilia‘, in which the author – a noted neurologist – explores brain disorders that relate specifically to music (to elaborate further on this amazing novel would take more than a paragraph). ‘Earworm’ is simple in its structure, with a repeating melody that never changes. But, thematically and emotionally, it’s almost infinitely complex, and the more I think about it, the more complex it gets. It continues to haunt me.”

You can find out more about Hokum on their official Facebook page.

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