Hokum Shows Off ‘The Light That Never Ends’

Hokum the light that never ends

Johannesburg-based progressive rockers Hokum have let slip another single with ‘The Light That Never Ends’. They first caught our attention in 2013 with another track titled ‘Earworm’, which was released in November. As with the previous tracks, ‘The Light That Never Ends’ was produced by Dylan Ellis and Hokum.

“Its an oldie, but a goodie in the Hokum lineup. It was written around the time we found our legs as a band. In Marlowe, I’d written a lot about energy and my views on the universe and man; ‘The Light That Never Ends’ is a conclusion of sorts. I believe that all living things vibrate, creating energy, and the force behind that is the one and only perpetual machine; even if the ‘Big Fade’ theory turns out to be true. We are all made from and out of pure energy; the beginning spark; so much more than mankind’s archaic notion of ‘good’ and ‘evil’; and in that Light, I believe we never end.” ~ Scott Wareham (guitarist, vocalist)

The song is on offer by Hokum on bandcamp for free download, along with lyrics.

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