‘Hunted’ video released by The Drift

The Drift press picture 2014

On 25 February, Johannesburg’s groove-laden metal monsters The Drift released their first preview track for the forthcoming The Mountain Star album. At the time, the release of the track ‘Hunted’ was also a preempt to attract fans to a video shoot for the song’s music video.

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The promotional video for ‘Hunted’ was released yesterday.

“We basically had the same team as the ‘Exile’ video. Whereas that video was a very accurate account of our usual dicking about at band rehearsal – this is more aspirational in regards to the intimate gig setting. It’s a thing we’d actually like to do more. We did map out the video’s ‘beats’ before we shot it.” ~ Louis Du Pisani (lead vocals, The Drift)

Louis describes the video’s concept as deliberately interpretable; not relating to the album concept or the song’s context is in relation to the entire The Mountain Star narrative.

“We did a reinterpretation for the sake of the video. Michelle did a lovely job as both the protagonist and the antagonist of the video. Essentially, she’s chasing herself, being both blissful and strung out.” ~ Louis

The video was shot at the new The Iron Tusk venue, being owned and operated by the bringers of many international metal acts to South Africa, Witchdoctor Productions sister company Iron Core Entertainment. Instead of miming the video, The Drift performed a full set for the fans who attended the shoot, just with a couple of takes on the ‘Hunted’ track.

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