Hypergiant A.E: debut with ‘Ravenous’ EP

HypergiantAE 2017 Ravenous

Johannesburg, South Africa: eight-string guitars are becoming more prevalent in South African metal. The latest local metal band to bring forward an octo-onslaught is Hypergiant A.E.. The band is the brainchild of founding members Rheese Van Der Merve and now former drummer, Damian Fourie. Recruiting from former band mates (Bringing a Shark to a Gunfight) and other friends, Rheese and company set out in the wake of bands like Aversions Crown, Depths and Thy Art Is Murder.

“We basically wanted to birth a fuck off heavy/groovy metal band with influences from the Australian Deathcore scene, and with our own personal influence, of course.” ~ Rheese Van Der Merwe (guitar, Hypergiant A.E.)

This month, Hypergiant A.E. introduced itself formally with the release of its debut EP, Ravenous. The band takes a no holds barred approach with its debut release. Ravenous was recorded under the watchful eye and meticulous touch of Clinton Watts at Watts Productions. Clinton is also known for pushing bands hard. In a good way, however.

“We chose Clinton because of his stringent work ethic and his general passion for recording and producing local heavy bands. He actually even had an integral part in writing hooks and riffs on our EP.” ~ Rheese Van Der Merwe

Art and Themes for Ravenous

Cape Town based digital artist, Sherlic White, of Alt Reign Media created the visuals for Ravenous.

Rheese describes the band’s theme as being largely misanthropic. Lyrically, songs cover topics such as modern society’s obsessions and misuse of social media; the plague of advertising, and; creating an image of a future where mankind itself is the villain to bring about an end of days scenario.

The band has yet to perform live. Nonetheless, plans are underway to bring Hypergiant A.E. to the live stage soon. Apart from the release of Ravenous, the band is preparing a number of local shows; with view to tour nationally in 2018.

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