I Became Nothing blast in with ‘Deeds Of The Dark’

I Became Nothing press picture 2015

Cape Town appears to be seeing yet another wave of new metal bands arriving at the Southern coastal city since a fresh influx hit in 2013. With the likes of Subject To Slaughter, DevilSpeak, Nethercyst, Echoes Through Eternity and others permeating the local gig circuit in recent months, many fans of the genre wait with bated breath for when recorded music surfaces. I Became Nothing are the most recent from this surge to have released a sample of their music.

‘Deeds Of The Dark’ is the first track recorded and released by the band, under the expertise of Kyle Puller at Resurgence Studios.

“The process was really enjoyable. Kyle is a great guy to work with. He treats you like a friend rather than a client, and treats your music like his passion rather than a job. None of us were experienced in the process of recording music and I think we have all grown as musicians from this experience.” ~ Wade Profe (vocals, I Became Nothing)

Wade describes the song as an observation on how many people are drawn to living a double life. He admits at how even himself and his band mates, among the greater part of humanity, are skilled at putting on a “mask” to suit the given occasion.

“The song is a reminder that everything concealed in darkness will eventually have the light of day shone upon it. There’s a reckoning for who we are in the dark, as well as for who we portray in the light.” ~ Wade

The track does not herald the imminent arrival of an album or EP as yet, unfortunately. Band members acknowledge the band to still be in early stages and have suggested towards further finding their feet before committing too much financial and emotional resource into a bigger project at this time.

“The real joy for us now is in attracting people’s interest through this recording; to get them to come and enjoy the full meal at a gig sometime soon” ~ Wade

The band has only recently begun with performance; the first show having been in September 2014. They tell us that although I Became Nothing will now focus on promoting the new track and writing new material, they are ready and willing to show the scene the rest of their musical repertoire at future gigs.

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Band Photograph by Cursurn Jantjies