Imperial Destruction release ‘Lady Dark Page’

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Cape Town’s ever-rising death metal powerhouse Imperial Destruction have released their third and final single for the forthcoming Ruinous debut album, landing early in 2016, with the song ‘Lady Dark Page’. Today’s release features a lyric video, which also represents a collaborative effort between vocalist Jason Modryc’s Writhe Creations and Mexican based label Fuck Promotions for creating visuals to accompany the song.

With two songs already out, we feel that our readers know enough about the process from previous press releases (see here for ‘Like Wolves That Bare Their Teeth’ and here for ‘Sinner’) and so invited the band to describe the songwriting for this very differently paced offer. They enthusiastically obliged:

“‘Lady Dark Page’ sparks a feeling of how lust and temptation can lead to one’s own destruction. Shallow, meaningless relationships based on carnal instinct leaves some people broken and used. I get this picture of a Siren on the shores of ancient Greece, seducing men and eating them. Literally, a man eater!” ~ Wian Bester (guitar, Imperial Destruction)

“‘Lady Dark Page’ was actually the very first lyrics I wrote. I’m proud to finally have it on a listening platform. The lyrics were written in one of my darkest hours and symbolizes the physical and emotional pain anyone can feel after loosing someone you love, who has torn your heart out and left it in pieces. The story follows a man of the sea, who was warned to steer clear of a certain area due to legends of a succubus or siren. Curiosity eventually cripples him and he finds himself drawn to her in a hypnotic state. Im sure anyone can relate to the lyrics. When we sat down and wrote the actual song I found myself needing more emotion and feeling in the track. I don’t think the guys we’re too happy with me when I mentioned “slower and more emotional”. We ended up leaning towards a Blackend Death sound, that I could really lay down my heart onto.” ~ Jason Modryc (vocals, Imperial Destruction)

“The instrumentation started out as me playing with some bass chords. Which then became the bar chord progression we now hear in the verses. Adding arpeggios and a melody over that and the verse was complete. A good foundation to drive the vocals. The chorus is actually one of Wian’s riffs – I like stealing – that I tried throwing in when I felt that the song needed something with some attitude and pace. I’m a big fan of CarcassSwangsong album and all of Chuck Schuldiner’s material, so for the solo I added a Swangsong groove over chords that I thought the legendary Chuck may have used if he was in the same situation. In the end, we wound up with this song that had a really honest emotional quality and attitude without being too dreary or black.
I always joke that it’s the only love song that the band has ever written. But if you look at it, it really is. There’s a longing and a pain in the music. It’s remembering and reliving all the heartbreak and shit, and basking in it, letting it wash over you and screaming in its face. What Jason did with the lyrics is awesome. Gives a whole ‘I embrace my curse’ catharsis like quality to the song. Very personal stuff that was buried deep.” ~ Joshua Barkley (bass, Imperial Destruction)

Also keep an eye out for developments with the band’s own New Year’s festival at Geraas Plaas in the farmlands near Riversdal. It’s beginning to look very promising for the best metal send off to 2015 and welcome to 2016. See line-up and details at the official facebook event page.

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