Imperial Destruction Reminisce In The ‘Age Of Ra’

Imperial Destruction - Age Of Ra

Imperial Destruction, as mentioned in another post earlier this week, are one of the bands spearheading Cape Town’s recent charge of new death metal acts. Others include the likes of Thread Of Omen and The Fallen Prophets, following in the footsteps of other Cape Town death metal such as Mind Assault, The Warinsane, Suiderbees and Beeldenstorm, etc; and reaching even further back to the legacy left by bands such as Pothole and Sacraphyx. Imperial Destruction are already on a great trajectory of their own, by pioneering metal gigs at unusual venues around their home town, as well as already introducing themselves in slots at shows such as metal4africa’s WinterFest’13 in Stellenbosch and opening at the first ever South African Metal Music Awards ceremony in Gauteng. They are now releasing their first single ‘Age Of Ra’.

“We created not just a song, but a story. With Egyptian influences, we conjured Ra The Sun God and a being fighting for his beliefs and his life. The idea is for the listener to decide for themselves who this ‘being’ is, thus leaving the listener with an opening to put their own twist into the story. ‘Age of Ra’ has been a great project for us, and we are all extremely happy to release our first single to the public.” ~ Jason Modryc (vocalist)

The band have made the song available for streaming, and a download can be purchased via their Bandcamp account. For more information on releases and concerts, follow the Imperial Destruction official facebook page.

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