Imperial Destruction to tour Gauteng

Imperial Destruction Troll

Helderberg brutal-melodic death metal band Imperial Destruction are embarking on their second ever visit to Gauteng this weekend, following their first sortie into the North at last year’s South African Metal Music Awards function.

The weekend’s stop-off’s will begin with Friday 30 October at Iron Tusk in Newtown, Johannesburg, joining the 4th year of Devil’s Night hosted by Dark Noise. Imperial Destruction will be the only live band, but the night features not only DJs Babylon Will Fall, Brent, Disturbed, Sinister Jo and Batman & the Wyt Devil, but also a stall by Kulcha Kollektive and the official Rammstein DVD launch in what promises to be a festive bringing together of all things underground and dark! Visit the official facebook event page.

Saturday 31 October will see Imperial Destruction rolling into an event of somewhat historical significance at Wolmer Bush Lounge in Pretoria North, joining up with a horde of metal bands from numerous African nations. Gorofest‘s Crossing Countries festival will see bands from no less than five African nations, with some traveling from as far as Kenya, uniting together more diverse African metal bands in one place than has ever been seen before on the continent (see full article here and visit the official facebook event page).

“It’s an amazing opportunity being able to play these shows far from home, and one with so many other bands that have traveled so far too. It’s always exciting when we get to expand the Imperial empire to new places and introduce the music and performance to people who haven’t seen or heard us before. We’re ready to tear shit up like we always do and have a good time with everyone while doing it. Hopefully we’ll see some familiar faces. At Iron Tusk, I’m excited for the Rammstein song we have ready for everyone, and seeing what the other artists have to offer at Gorofest will definitely be a career highlight.” ~ Joshua Barkley (bass guitar, Imperial Destruction)

The band have also been working on their debut album since their previous visit, and which is due for release early in 2016. Two songs have been released already, including ‘Like Wolves That Bare Their Teeth’ (see article here) and ‘Sinner’ (see article here).

“We are really excited to come back with a fresh set and our thirst for a party. We cant wait to catch up with friends from the North that we met on our previous adventure. The band has grown since Gauteng saw us last and we are humbled and really grateful for this opportunity to play there again. Brace yourself for some soul harvesting metal from the Helderberg. ~ Wian Bester (guitar, Imperial Destruction)

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