Imperious Vision: Haros, single and lyric video

Imperious Vision 2018 Haros
Imperious Vision: image by Jenna Knights

Durban, South Africa: the thunderous sound of Imperious Vision rattles our souls this morning with ‘Haros’, the first single from this brutal death metal band.

Haros, a prelude of what is to come

Imperious Vision consists largely of scene veterans including guitarist Grant Scrooby, vocalist Nick Hagan and drummer Brynn Haxtable. Collectively, the three previously made up parts bands such as: Divine Affliction; The Overmind; Desolation; Vengeance Resides, and; Pledge Defiance. New arrivals Blake Merchant and Matthew Davies fill the positions of bass and guitar.

“We are hard at work on our debut EP release, ‘Empire of Illusion’, which will come out later in the year.” ~ Grant Scrooby (guitar, Imperious Vision)

‘Haros’ grants us the first taste of what is to come with the full work, Empire of Illusion. Imperious Vision is working with the upcoming Durban producer, Rudi Greyvenstein, at Vervet Underground. Whilst no date is offered for the full release as of yet, metalheads can look forward to the first live performance by Imperious Vision at The Winston Pub on 24 March. Other bands on the line-up are Violence, Your Cynical Sanity and Skinstripper. Visit the official facebook event page for full details.

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