Infanteria release ‘Throes Of Fear’ single

Infanteria Throes Of Fear

Infanteria have long been flying the flag for thrash metal in Cape Town, even when death metal, deathcore and metalcore were the order of the day a few years ago. In two weeks, the thrashy foursome will be launching a much anticipated follow-up to their 2013 Isolated Existence debut, with Where Serpents Conquer (previous article here). In the meantime, if today’s ‘Throes Of Fear’ single release does not whet your appetite, then you need to have your pulse checked!

“‘Throes Of Fear’ is the thrashiest song on the album and the shortest too. It’s just a full blown headbanger that we thought we’d kick everything off with.” ~ Chris Hall (vocals & guitar, Infanteria)

Chris also hinted that the album promises not only what is offered in the sample track, but some heavy metal epics too.

“The longest song is 00:08:30” ~ Chris Hall

The album launch, originally advertised to take place on 27 June at Mercury Live in Cape Town, has been moved to 03 July at ROAR in Observatory on account of Mercury Live being closed down. Full details available on the facebook event page.

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