ING declare ‘In Sickness and In Hate’

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With merely days to go before supporting Sepultura, Brazil’s chief heavy metal export, on the Cape Town date of their South African tour, ING also celebrate their 15th birthday by releasing their new album In Sickness and In Hate as a free-for-all.

What started out as a death metal band with a clear thrashy influence, Infiltrate, Neutralize, Govern (otherwise known as ING) has come full circle to redefine their original sound into a more purified version of straight-up thrash. This follows the bands natural evolution back towards the genre of their roots which became apparent on their 2012 release of the Ingquisition album.

In Sickness and In Hate surfaces now as a sort of compilation, featuring material from both ING’s 2007 debut EP It’s a Hate Thing and their 2009 first full length album It’s a Sick Thing, redone as glorious thrash and with new drummer (John Killin) and bassist (Darren Phipps). The new album also features “Trinity” and “Anointed in Blood”, which are two songs from frontman Bryan Villain’s first band from the 90’s, Insurrection.

“We all started out with thrash/crossover in our collections and have now found our way back to our roots. Due to the fact the first two releases were done with programmed drums, they lacked the naturalism we always wanted. Now that we have opted for recording real drums, we are able to add the missing colour that those releases lacked. With that, the vocals morphed naturally to the style of the drums. They also add to the aggression of the music. Also note that this was a total re-recording at different tuning and tempo, and more towards the feel Henk and myself envisaged when the material was first written. To a degree, the re-write of material does indicate what is to be expected going forward, however, we feel it will become more refined and probably have a faster feel behind it. Keep your ears posted. There are some real firecrackers in the works!” ~ Bryan (vocals & guitar, ING)

In Sickness and In Hate was recorded, produced, mixed and mastered by Bryan Villain, at Jihad Studios in Cape Town, South Africa. The album is available for free download on the band’s Bandcamp and Soundcloud pages as a 15 year anniversary gift from ING to their fans. Limited physical copies of the album will be made available at shows, their Bandcamp page, and via the band’s official website. Whilst you’re at it, also follow ING on their facebook page for regular updates.

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