ING: welcome to ‘Zumatopia’ early release

ING 2014 press photo

Cape Town, South Africa: veteran thrash metal band Infiltrate Neutralize Govern (aka: ING) has released an early preview of it’s latest work with ‘Zumatopia’.

ING has always been revered for it’s sharpness of tongue and quickness on the trigger to comment on matters of local and global political interest. The band saw it fit to release a demo version of the first track to be revealed from it’s forthcoming full length album Violence Is Golden, expected later in 2017.

“In support of our brothers, sisters and gender neutral comrades, we bring you the unofficial theme song for the 7th of April 2017 zumamustfall marches. May they rise victorious from the trenches of Roeland street.” ~ Bryan Villain (guitar/vocals, ING)

Violence Is Golden will be the fifth release from ING, following a debut EP in 2008, and album in 2009 and 2012, plus a compilation of re-works in 2014. The new album will consist of completely new material to landmark the eighteenth year of the band’s existence, and will clearly display no faltering in ING‘s typical antics and potency.

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