Insidious Reign: ‘Fictitious Obsession’ art reveal

Johannesburg, South Africa: a long-incubating Death Metal power is soon to erupt onto the stage again following their only live appearance thus far in 2015, supporting Belgium’s Aborted. The band will make their return with guns blazing as they release an album, and appear live at Witchfest (join and follow developments here) along with DevilDriver (USA), Mantar (DE), Wrust (BOT), and host of other South African metal acts.

Today, Insidious Reign unveils the artwork for their soon-to-be-released debut album Fictitious Obsession. Whilst they have not given us a release date as of yet, they report that all will be revealed in the first weeks of 2017. In the meantime, members of the band were willing to discuss the artwork and concept as an introduction as to what can be expected from the album and musical content.

“Where the vultures gather, there is death. It does not hunt, it merely scavenges off the carrion. The ancients viewed it as the death eater, feeding off death to sustain its own life. This is the main reason we have chosen the vulture as the central figure in our artwork. It symbolizes the nature of the ruling class. Forever lurking, waiting to feed off our suffering and misery. The vulture is also revered in African cultures and is indigenous to South Africa.” ~ Wesley Van Diggelen (vocals, Insidious Reign)

Insidious Reign 2017 Album Cover

The vulture pictured is described as central to the band’s theme and intellectual focus for Fictitious Obsession, painted with oil on canvas by South African artist Stefan Smit (watch a time lapse video of it’s creation). The image as a whole was intended to capture a blend between classical and modern art mediums, with vocalist Wesely Van Diggelen and guitarist Bennie Burger creating a 3D modeled landcape, including the six pillars to represent an expansion to their central theme.

“Our society has been shaped and controlled by six systems or pillars. Each track is about the evolution and eventual misappropriation of each pillar by the ruling class. These pillars, being the monetary, educational, religious, entertainment, healthcare and military industrial complexes, have all been manipulated to produce and maintain a subservient and docile populace.” ~ Wesley Van Diggelen

The album artwork will be represented as a fold-out poster, revealing the larger, all encompassing theme only once fully opened (as pictured below). The band’s logo and album title editing, along with all other CD design and typography, was done by Inkblack Visual Art

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