Insidious Reign: ‘Fictitious Obsession’ out now

Insidious Reign 2017 Fictitious Obsession out now

Johannesburg, South Africa: the countdown to Death Metal powerhouse Insidious Reign‘s return to the live stage continues, but the zero-days has arrived for the release of the band’s debut album Fictitious Obsession which is available as from today across all major digital platforms.

In a previous conversation, Insidious Reign frontman Wesley described the album’s artwork concept as being closely tied to the lyrical concepts explored throughout Fictitious Obsession:

“Our society has been shaped and controlled by six systems or pillars. Each track is about the evolution and eventual misappropriation of each pillar by the ruling class. These pillars, being the monetary, educational, religious, entertainment, healthcare and military industrial complexes, have all been manipulated to produce and maintain a subservient and docile populace.” ~ Wesley Van Diggelen (vocals, Insidious Reign)

Hard copy versions of Fictitious Obsession will be available by the time Insidious Reign hits the stage, and will also become available for shipping via the band’s Bandcamp page in due course.

Insidious Reign, last seen live on stage whilst supporting Belgium’s Aborted whilst on tour in South Africa during August of 2015, will be making a long awaited return to the live stage later this month. The first stop will be at Butchering The Mainstream (event link here) in Pretoria, and then again in April for Witchdoctor ProductionsWitchfest 2017 (event link here) in Johannesburg which also includes USA’s DevilDriver along with other international and local acts.

Album credits include tracking at B Sharp Studios (drums) and Soundhouse 29 Studios (vocals) with mixing and mastering by 16th Cellar Studio. The album visuals include an artwork by Stefan Smit, design work by Inkblack Design, and photographs by Henk Steyn Photography.

Updated (22/03/2017): Fictitious Obsession now available as hard copy via bandcamp.

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