Insidious Reign: ‘The Vile Maxim’ single released

Johannesburg, South Africa: following hot on the heels of an album art reveal for Fictitious Obsession, the upcoming debut album by death metal band Insidious Reign, the band now presents it’s first single from the album. The track, ‘The Vile Maxim’, also serves to whet appetites enough to entice pre-orders which have also opened today via the Insidious Reign Bandcamp page.

Fictitious Obsession will be available in full immediately on 01 March via all major platforms including iTunes, AppleMusic, Google Play, Deezer, Amazon, Spotify and of course, Bandcamp. The current song leaps straight into the issues which band seeks to address through their ultimate theme: where a ruling class sustains their own extravagant lifestyles by feeding off of suffering and misery of the masses.

Insidious Reign are also soon to return to the live stage for the first time since 2015, appearing at the prestigious Witchfest 2017 along with many top South African metal bands and including USA’s DevilDriver, Germany’s Mantar, and Botswana’s Wrust as international visitors to the festival. Follow other articles on this national festival event via the link.

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Insidious Reign 2017 The Vile Maxim single