International Assassins target hit on RSA metal

Mike Cubic Ill System

International Assassins is the only formal prior release of the legendary Cape Town nu-metallers, Ill System, which was recorded and released during the bands years abroad (released in 2005). The five-track EP was tracked in Wales, where the band was based after relocating from South Africa in 2004. See an in-depth interview by M4A here.

Owing to popular demand, Ill System have formally announced their return from hiatus today, also introducing new bassist Mike Cubic (well-known for his role in both Moment Of Clarity and With Dawn) and unveiling a few highlights to their reintroduction in 2015. The decision followed a short reunion set performed at Mercury Live late last year. Members wanted to do the show for old time sake, following the eventual return of guitarist Bobby Addison from Wales. The show received an overwhelming response, spurring on the more permanent return announced by the band today.

“Mike is an absolute beast behind his instrument, and was not only selected for his musical ability, but also for his fit within the bands dynamic.” ~ Ramone Pickover (drums, Ill System)

The bands original bassist, Owen Lowery, continues to reside permanently abroad.

The band will be appearing at this weekend’s SummerFest’15 festival on 31 January in Stellenbosch (see M4A press release here, or the facebook event page), and at Mercury Live on 20 March where they will perform alongside V.O.L and Roswell Kings (both reuniting from years of absence from the live scene – see facebook event page), and the cherry on top will see Ill System supporting Protest The Hero on the Stellenbosch leg of their South African tour on 02 May along with Zombies Ate My Girlfriend, All Guns Full Ammo and OhGod! (see facebook event page).

Ill System have also begun writing new material. Hopes are high for a release in late 2015, with recording to be done at the acclaimed ‘7 String Studios‘ in Durbanville, Cape Town.

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