Ion Mesa: debut single ‘Tomorrow’ out now

Ion Mesa 2017 Tomorrow

Johannesburg, South Africa: Another spin-off project featuring some members of the darkly sensible Surdus surfaces with Ion Mesa – a ricocheting collaboration between Alec Larsen and Simon Werner – explores a plethora of varying sounds and styles under the curatorship of producer Allen Purkiss (Dreamlab Studio). The first aural hint at what will be on offer has just arrived with the project’s first single, ‘Tomorrow’.

“From my perspective there seems to be a massive void in the local music scene. There’s live acts and there’s DJs. And in general those acts never perform at the same events. What see in Ion Mesa is the joining of these two separate music performers.” ~ Alec Larsen (guitar/vocals, Ion Mesa)

The project is aimed towards bringing two universes of nightlife entertainment together with the merging of styles which may seem unlikely pairings at face value, but by bringing together elements of rock, metal, trance, dubstep and other electronic music. It’s not exactly a pioneering move, but certainly not a musical area which has enjoyed thorough exploration or reached it’s fullest potential in the South African context as of yet.

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