Irony Destroyed: music video for ‘Fade’

Irony Destroyed 2018
Irony Destroyed: image by Martin Kanja

Nairobi, Kenya: Kenya is proving to be a hot-spot in the developement of an African scene. Metalcore enjoys a strong presence in this city, and Irony Destroyed lends its own strength to the movement this week with it’s single ‘Fade’.

The band, established in 2012, first appeared to us with the 2017 released of its debut EP Strife To Legacy. A member explains to us a little bit about the journey between then and now:

“Well, in this song we were trying out new methods of writing, recording, as well as production. We personally as a band handle our music production so we have the freedom approaching a new song and ideas without limitation. So for this song is a showcase of that, so we were going for a soft melodic kind of tone, yet heavy at the same time.” ~ Lenny Kiano (guitar/backing vocals, Irony Destroyed)

Fade: a sign of things to come?

At this time, Lenny tells us that ‘Fade’ is not necessarily part of a greater work in the making, but rather a continuation of an exploratory journey. It may lead up to being part of a greater work at a later time, or not. What is very clear, however, is that Irony Destroyed is determined and are shaping up for something great in the future regardless of whether this track will be a part of that; or merely a stepping stone and a learning curve.

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