Is Cape Town ready for a Brutal Band Braai?

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In 2014, Antonio Manual, who we declared as one of the “Guardians” who stands over Cape Town metal (find out why at our previous article), hosted his first Brutal Band Braai. Antonio is the owner of long-time live music venue ROAR and it’s even older counterpart Gandalf’s, as well as cool hang-out-spot Trenchtown just a little further up the way in Lower Main Road, Observatory. In a gesture of goodwill, Antonio would like to “give back” to one of his business’s major support bases by hosting a second Brutal Band Braai, and which will be taking place at Trenchtown on Saturday 21 November, along with all the fun tricks and perks of last year and more.

Antonio Manuel Trenchtown BraaiThis event is an afternoon affair (main activities from 14h00 till 17h00, and social ongoing beyond) to which all heavy metal band members, friends, supporters, and various industry players are invited to network, socialize, and enjoy a few laughs and games. Even more amazingly, it is free of any charge for band members, and for those who RSVP before tomorrow’s cut-off time, even free meat (pork and vegetarian options also available) for the braai and a modest beverage offering will be sponsored entirely by Antonio. Non-band member guests, however, will be subject to a small charge of R50, but are also more than welcome to attend and participate in all games and eating and drinking as well. We asked Antonio to tell us a little more about his motivation to host these braai’s, and if it was likely to continue as an annual feature:

“I would like to grow this in the future, and possible to include other alternative genres as well. This is a fun event to allow bands to communicate with each other in a none stuffy, relaxed environment. Bands new and old just don’t stay in contact with each other and this is one way of changing that. After last year’s event there seemed to be a small spike in events with bands mixing it up with other bands they would normally not have played with. I’m not saying this is all due to the Brutal Band Braai, but I would like to think that at least one of those events did happen because of contact made at Brutal Band Braai.” ~ Antonio Manual (owner, Gandalf’s / ROAR / Trenchtown)

Antonio went on to describe that Brutal Band Braai is for everyone wanting to help develop the “scene”, and that is really hoping for bands to come through with ideas and an open mind to possibilities for growth in the live music scene of alternative music. He has promised a bit of a speech, but not too long, as there needs to be plenty of time for all the other fun activities planned such as: Brutal Braai Master, X-Box competitions, Mini craft market, Down-Downs, Tug of War, Wet-T competition, BIGGEST BOEP AWARDS! There will also be informational sessions offered by Zain Domo of The Unscene and Carla Cubic of 7 String Studios. For full even details, and band member RSVP’s, please visit the official facebook event page.

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