It’s Alive!!!!

Website NewsWelcome to the new home of METAL4AFRICA at Spread the word!

As you can see, the site requires some work yet, but things are very much under way. We have a fantastic team of volunteers whose time and expertise has made this possible, but as volunteers, we can only call on their free time, so please be patient and visit often.

In the meantime, take a look at our first two featured bands, the legendary SacriFist and female-fronted Inferium. We will be adding another two features in due course, including Godfathers of SA Metal, V.O.D, and a fresh act on the block, Moment Of Clarity.

Is your metal band in our Bands Directory? Why not? Please mail details to [email protected] right away – band name, description (see examples), location, primary web location, and contact details.

Also see our events section, already filling up. The idea will be to do features on events, not only that M4A are responsible for, but of events taking place all over the African Continent! Next week we will speak to the organizers of Windhoek Metal Festival in Namibia, so don’t forget to come check it out.

Other plans for the near future include a gig-guide, live and recording reviews, venues directory, metal4africa streaming radio, and pretty much anything we can think of – so join the African Metal Community and help us to build.

Coming soon: WinterFest’09 – watch this space for details!