It’s Time For An …Ingquisition

The kings of political (in)correctness, …Ing are currently finishing work on their second full length album, IngQuisition.

In true …Ing fashion, no stone is left unturned and the album features songs about Moses Sithole, the biological construction of a superior human race, Cape Flats gang violence, the end of the world and of course, Julius Malema. The album has a more developed sound to previous material as it was written by a complete set of musicians with very different musical backgrounds. The songs are more complex and rounded but still carries the typical …Ing thrash sound you have come to expect.

This is the first …Ing album written and recorded by a full band with Marius Theron (ex-Azrail) on drums and Darryn Webb (ex-Three Chord Theory) on bass. The album features a throwback to a more organic and acoustic sound, combining acoustic drums with minimal digital production.
“We chose to do the album in this fashion rather than going for the over produced drum machine sound that seems so predominant these days. If you can’t play your own shit, don’t release an album with digital tracks. Metal is a musician’s genre and should reflect the skill and aggression of the musicians playing it,” says Bryan Villain, who recorded and mixed the album.

The album is set for release in October, so be on the lookout for launch dates soon.

You can catch …Ing on Saturday the 21st of July at the Banned Rock Fest at Killarney race track and Saturday the 25th of August at Right to Rock; Metal Rising at Die Balke in Worcester.