Table set for Joburg’s first Metal Feast

Metal Feast 2016

Johannesburg, South Africa

Joburgers can look forward to their first Metal Feast this weekend on 27 February at Rumours Lounge with the arrival of a new event on the annual calendar. The organizers, Brandon Bernardo and Musa Mntambo who are also known for establishing the annual South African Metal Music Awards (see review here), have suggested that should the first be successful enough, they may consider making it into an inter-city affair.

“We have had a huge response to this event, so if all goes well, we will invest into making it bigger.” ~ Brandon Bernardo

Brandon explained to us a little about the concept behind the event as including, literally, a feast. The all-day event will include an outside tent with a few spit braais to supplement an already majestic line-up of local metal bands and an abundance of beer, bringing a somewhat unique character it’s flavour of being a ‘South Africa’ metal event.

“It’s kinda funny how we came up with this. During a discussion which Musa and I were having over whatsapp about a Metal ‘Fest’, his predictive text kept changing the word ‘Fest’ to ‘Feast’, so that’s when I got all excited and pictured a metal show with metalheads feasting away like Vikings on meat, beer and metal. We immediately contacted Fred Otto at Rumours Lounge and ran the idea by him. He thought it was great!” ~ Brandon Bernardo

It was also originally planned to try and have a unique brand of labelled beer created to compliment the event, but with a successful brewery contact only being made more recently, the launch of the beer brand will be postponed until a future Metal Feast.

The line-up of bands, spread across two stages, includes: Poverty Of Ideals, 11th Hour, Only Forever, The Drift, Deadline, Boargazm, Red Helen, Raptorbaby, Hokum, Adorned In Ash, Dark Matter, Maximum Carnage, Spectral Realm, Octainium, I Become, Nervezero, Urban Vitamin, Thundermerwe, Riddlebreak, Psordid, State Dependency, Lesuth, Posthumous, Gorous, Killatoria and Tokolosh Nightmare. For full information and updates, join the official facebook event page.

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