Johannesburg: venue change for Kataklysm South African tour


The promoter for Kataklysm‘s South African tour, Witchdoctor Productions, has announced a venue change for the Johannesburg concert.

The announcement came via the promoters official website and posted to social media late last week, citing “accommodating the fans” as the reason for moving venue. The new venue is at Carfax, an old converted warehouse positioned in the cultural and night-life epicenter of Johannesburg, an area known as Newtown. Carfax is larger than The Doors Nightclub (previously booked for the concert), and more centrally located. The Doors in Edenvale has also reportedly developed some stigma from Gauteng-based metalheads as an unattractive venue choice for such an event.

Kataklysm will be performing in Cape Town next Friday 18 July at The Assembly in Harrington Street, No.61, and; Johannesburg next Saturday 19 July at Carfax in Gwi Gwi Mrwebi street, No.39. (follow the click-through to each cities facebook event page)

Supporting Kataklysm from Canada will be South African extreme metal veterans Sacraphyx, joining the tour in reunion since disbanding more than a decade ago. A third act, Suiderbees, will be added in Cape Town, plus a third and a fourth act in Johannesburg with Wrust (from neighbouring Botswana) and Bile Of Man.

Tickets for both shows can be purchased online via Witchdoctor Productions own website here, as well as for other shows being hosted by the company (includes Sepultura, Behemoth/Konkhra, Witchfest).

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