Juggernaught: on tour with new album out

Juggernaught 2016 Full Grown Woman original version

Pretoria, South Africa:
homegrown whiskey chugging “Man Rock” quartet Juggernaught have released their third full length album, Full Grown Woman, this week. Formed in 2007, this band comprised of members from an eclectic mish-mash of backgrounds including blues, metal, jazz, and punk among others, is steamrolling it’s way through Cape Town this weekend to add a national spark to the release celebrations.

Juggernaught somehow manages to avoid any too-specific genre categorization with their boldly avant garde approach, and have found themselves equally at home playing on metal shows or blues and rock festivals. Their current Cape Town tour will encompass a number of different audiences with a relaxed sit-down-and-eat tonight at Trenchtown in Observatory (free entry), some headbanging with Ohgod and Bulletscript at Mercury Live on Friday night, and Saturday night at The Rabbit Hole with The Dirty South and Plymouth.

“We went all-out on this release. Its funkier, heavier, dirtier, and weirder than anything we’ve released before.” ~ Jovan Tutunovic (guitar, Juggernaught)

Full Grown Woman was recorded and mixed by the band in their own studio environment, with Jason Groves from Sneak Attack in Kentucky, USA tending to the mastering as he did before with the Juggernaught‘s 2012 Bring The Meat Back release. The band line-up has also seen a change with Clint Falconer (also plays for Dan Patlansky) now on bass guitar.

Full Grown Woman is currently only available for preview and purchase via CD Baby or hardcopy from the band directly at shows. Enjoy this bizarre music video for the track ‘Waiting’, released yesterday, and created in collaboration with Gerrit Burger.

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