Junkyard Lipstick Defy House Of The Holy


Cape Town’s resident champions of girl-power-with-a-can-of-whoop-ass have struck again. Junkyard Lipstick are sounding heavier than ever and further forging their sound into a unique identity of thrash-infused punk/metal. ‘House Of The Holy’ follows hot on the heels and along the vein of the bands recent demo release of ‘Bioterror’.

A revamped rendition of ‘Bioterror’ will appear alongside ‘House Of The Holy’and other new tracks on the bands next EP titled The Butchers Delight, and which the girls aim to have available for launch at their RAMfest debut in March of 2014. When asked what the title of this new track represents, the reply was simply:

“The song is about a topic we metalheads love to hate; namely religious bias and judgement”

For more info in the band, visit their official website or facebook page. Let us know here what you think of the direction the girls are taking their sound towards.

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