Junkyard Lipstick: new album art revealed

Junkyard Lipstick 2016 press - by Iggy Bester
Junkyard Lipstick: image by Iggy Bester

Cape Town, South Africa: thrash metal maidens Junkyard Lipstick have revealed the full artwork for their second album release, Repulsive Judgement, which arrives on 23 September 2016. The full length Repulsive Judgement will demonstrate something of a reinvented band since Junkyard Lipstick‘s 2013 Hellbent debut album, now also featuring the more recent arrival of vocalist Jo Marie Smit and other new members in the interim.

“We were scouting Deviant Art for an artist who’s work really resonated with us on a personal level, and which represented some of the songs on the album. We were very lucky to come across Italian artist, Tommaso Tagliabue/Mesozord and this piece is called ‘Stillbirth’. The art depicts a feminine creature, cowering, feeling ashamed, being judged which not only ties in with the album title but also resonates with us being a female band and being able to tackle social and political issues which our male counterparts in the metal scene do not necessarily feel comfortable with.” ~ Lucinda Viljoen (drums, Junkyard Lipstick)

Junkyard Lipstic 2016 Repulsive Judgement

The album will include eleven songs, some of which have already appeared as sneak-peeks into the evolution of the band’s sound since Hellbent and the later 2014 EP titled The Butchers Delight. The ladies offered us first dibs on the track listing, and shared some words on the content:

“The album consists of a variety of songs that we have played live already but also some brand new, unreleased and unheard tracks. We’ve approached the songwriting on this album with a renewed focus and energy since The Butchers Delight and we hope our listeners will feel this.” ~ Louise Gorman (guitars, Junkyard Lipstick)

1. ‘Ab Initio’
2. ‘Repulsive Judgement’
3. ‘Bloodbath Baptism’
4. ‘Damned In The Deep South’
5. ‘Debt Society’
6. ‘Trafficked & Tortured’
7. ‘Gaia’
8. ‘Agramon’
9. ‘House Of The Holy’
10. ‘Forsaken Liberty’
11. ‘Mortis Omnia Solvit’

Junkyard Lipstick will be hosting a live launch for the album at ROAR in their home city of Cape Town on 23 September, featuring guests DevilSpeak and new arrivals on the scene, Overhex. More details will be announced regarding bundled offers, digital purchases, and international availability as the date approaches.

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