Junkyard Lipstick: offer final album sneak peak

Junkyard Lipstic 2016 Repulsive Judgement

Cape Town, South Africa:
local purveyors of the heavy metal ‘femme fatale’, Junkyard Lipstick have unveiled the first single ‘Forsaken Liberty’ off of Repulsive Judgement, their second full length album which launches this coming Friday. Although three tracks on the coming album have already been previously revealed with ‘House Of The Holy‘, ‘Damned In The Deep South‘, and ‘Trafficked and Tortured‘, all were offered only as demos, lacking the polished sheen of today’s release.

“Metal has always created a platform for speaking out about unspoken issues. ‘Forsaken Liberty’ is exactly what that is, as seen from a female’s perspective. It touches on the subject of women’s oppressive journey to freedom on a global scale.” ~ Lucinda Viljoen (drums, Junkyard Lipstick)

Lucinda tells us how, after originally being destined for the cutting room floor, the song quickly developed into a band favourite after a few tweaks. Instead, ‘Forsaken Liberty’ now completes the latest album as the penultimate track; rounding off the listening experience followed only by a haunting piano outro. Fans can also look forward to seven other new tracks, as yet unreleased. Also check out the youtube preview of Repulsive Judgement for a more comprehensive audio overview of the album, and for Capetonians, be sure to mark Friday 23 September on your social calendar for the live launch event at ROAR with guests DevilSpeak and Overhex.

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