Kadawer Dialoog: farewell, South Africa

Kadawer Dialoog

Johannesburg, South Africa: local Afrikaans-language metal band Kadawer Dialoog (direct translation: Cadaver Dialogue) are calling it a day after five years on the local circuit as a key member finds himself heading for a new life abroad. However, the band are planning an exit like no other, with a final string of live performances over the following weeks.

“For a few years already I have had this dream to take a chance on moving to New Zealand; which I am lucky enough to have the opportunity to do now. I am very excited for the new experiences that await me, but unfortunately this excitement does not exist without sadness.” ~ Kriss “Kadawer” (guitars, Kadawer Dialoog)

With the impending move hanging over the band’s future, it has been decided that the project will be shelved in Kriss’ absence. Yet the tone of voice suggests that a door might remain open for future activity, as Kriss also states that “none of us can predict the future”. Apart from the farewell shows, there are still plans to complete a five-track EP before the end of 2016.

Otherwise, the public can take advantage of these last few opportunities to bid Kadawer Dialoog farewell. Starting off with the massive line-up and camp-over affair of D-Day 2016 at Wolmer Bush Lounge this weekend – Kadawer Dialoog will be joined by Lesuth, PSordid, Hokum, Deadline, Riddlebreak, Posthumous, Nerve Zero, Disarmageddon, Envious Despair, Insanity Unveiled, Demogoroth Satanum, and Displeased Disfigurement for a colossal headbang!

A final South African opportunity will present itself at Rumours Lounge on 17 September with Silly September, and followed immediately by a trip to Botswana for Rock The Nation 6 in Serowe on 23 September.

“I have met the most interesting people and made the best friends a guy can ask for, and not to mention the great band mates during this time. I am grateful that I was able to share great times with all these people and have them in my life. I will be leaving a piece of my soul and heart behind, and it’s going to hurt.” ~ Kriss “Kadawer”

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