Kadawer Dialoog: ‘Sterfbed’ date and art reveal

Kadawer Dialoog 2017 Sterfbed

Johannesburg, South Africa: Afrikaans language metal band Kadawer Dialoog has kickked off it’s 2017 with the announcement of a release date for it’s long awaited debut EP, Sterfbed (translated: ‘Death Bed’), along with an album artwork reveal.

The release date is set for 12 February, although there will not be a live launch owing to the band’s hiatus from shows as a key member currently resides abroad. In spite of guitarist Kriss Kadawer’s absence, himself and band mates have remained determined to complete the EP to honour the memory of Johan Raaths, friend and former bassist for the band, who passed away. The album artwork was created by Sophia Engelbrecht

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