Local Metal Bands: Photographer publishes picture book

Keets design and photography photo book

Cape Town, South Africa: Marcita Maree, otherwise known as Keets Design & Photography, is printing her second volume of picture books featuring South African and international metal bands plus events. To our knowledge, what she’s doing is a first within the South African Metal space, so we took a closer look.

Keets’ First edition, origins

Marcita’s photography features widely on social media, along with the work of many other talented photographers. However, her spirit of endurance and particular commitment to heavy music has earned her a credible reputation within the Metal circles. Some people may even recall seeing her in 2018, navigating her way through moshpits with crutches, a “moon-boot” with expensive equipment at high risk, absolutely determined to get great shots.

So why print a book?

“In around 2016-2017 I had the idea of printing my photos, but a lot of things kept me from doing it. Thoughts like ‘who would really care about my photos and my scary friends in them?’ So when I printed my first batch, I wasn’t even going to say anything, I just wanted this book to exist, even if all it does is collect dust.” ~ Marcita Maree

Keets design and photography photo book promo pages

The essence of these printed works is to not only celebrate great memories from great times, but to also share them in a format more permanent than the fleeting bombardment of social media. Even more so, as a developing photo artist, it gives Marcita a way to enjoy following her own development as well as informing others who share her passion.

“I wanted to not only share my work with people, but also to share some sort of knowledge with the photos I took. In the bottom corner of each picture – if there’s space – there will be some info on the photo. Details such as the band name, the event, and also the camera settings I used to capture the image. I thought if I could help others to create images, maybe this could be a way to do that.” ~ Marcita Maree

Keets design and photography photo book promo pages

Round two, and the start of an annual cycle?

With 2018 completed, Marcita is printing her second book which encapsulates her adventures from the last twelve months. She’s aspiring to print an edition each year. The 2018 edition consists of 42 pages of 200mm by 200mm matt printing in a soft cover. It includes images of 42 bands spanning events such as M4A‘s own SummerFest’18 and WinterFest’18 shows, Wake The Neighbours, Saggy Stone Beer & Music Festival and even Rockstadt Extreme Festival where her lens followed South Africa’s The Fallen Prophets all the way to Romania.

“After a year and into my second cycle, I see it’s a tangible way to keep memories of events, former bands, former venues, former events, and also to see how far some bands have come. I’ve covered a lot of ‘first gigs’ and have covered a lot of album launches and tours.” ~ Marcita Maree

A full list of featured bands from 2018 includes:

With Dawn, Dying Fetus, The Rudimentals, Deadline, Amorphis, The Fallen Prophets, Fleshgod Apocalypse, The Medicine Dolls, PhFat, Desmond & The Tutus, Brujeria, Goatwhore, E-an-na, Nebula Disrupt, The Royal, The Warinsane, Abaddon, Belphegor, Ingested, The Alpha Sequence, WASP, Atlantic South, In Flames, Red Helen, Surdus, Obituary, Full of Hell, Powerwolf, Veranda Panda, Obscure Sphinx, As Time Divides, Converge, Enslaved, Return to Aether, Get the Shot, Septicflesh, The Thirteenth Sun, Confessions of a Traitor, Gutalax, Ohgod, Thread of Omen and Jeremy Loops.

Keets design and photography photo book promo pages

Marcita is selling her new books for R350 each (excluding shipping), and the previous year edition is also available for R250. For both books, a discount allows R500 for the set.

Bands featured in the previous edition include:
Strident, Nebula Disrupt, Rhaksha, Conduit, The Alpha Sequence, Abaddon, Reverse The Sands, Riddlebreak, Megalodon, Insidious Reign, Holo, Desolation, DevilSpeak, Ohgod, The Narrow, The Fallen Prophets, Junkyard Lipstick, Creating The Godform, Imperial Destruction, As Time Divides, Ill System, Bleeding Spawn, Bulletscript, Mezzanine Floor, Marene, Subject to Slaughter and With Dawn.

Get in touch with Keets via her business page on facebook. For shipping-free purchases in Cape Town, we will be helping her out by offering collections at the metal4africa merchandise stall at SummerFest’19 on 02 February. Visit the facebook event page for full event details.