Killatoria: Internal Suffering debut out now

Killatoria 2017 Internal Suffering

Cape Town, South Africa: those who would recall Pretoria’s Death/Thrash Metal band Killatoria may be surprised. The band entity is now based in Cape Town, and is also undergoing an aural metamorphosis. Yesterday, Killatoria‘s remaining founding member released the band’s debut EP, Internal Suffering.

Original member, Adri Jordaan (also recently joined Cape Town long-standers The Warinsane as vocalist), tells us about his plans.

“I have taken over management of the band since I’ve moved down (to Cape Town). All the original members have moved on to pursue different music projects and careers since the huge change.” ~ Adri Jordaan (vocals, Killatoria)

A new direction expressed through the Internal Suffering release

Adri also tells of his own inspirations in music having shifted in recent times. He feels grateful that the position with the band with new faces is not one where members need to impose changes upon each other.

“As time passed, my musical influences changed drastically; mostly towards Deathcore, Slam Metal and Brutal Death Metal. Once most of the members moved on, I felt my passion for these genres grow immensely and felt the need to incorporate it in our current sound. We were excited to try something new.” ~ Adri Jordaan

The writing of Internal Suffering is still credited largely to former members. However, the new Killatoria applied some changes to introduce it’s fresh sound and direction. Adri describes it as Slam Thrash; being two genres which he has not heard blended together as of yet, and he thought would be fun to try.

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