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Build Your Scene Podcast 1

Kyle Puller, known to the local metal community as co-owner of the now defunct Dual Records (released South African metal compilation album series: Hammer The Masses 1, 2 & 3) has returned to the frontline of scene-building to join the ranks with his new project: (a.k.a: BYS). With a young and dynamic team in tow, BYS have launched their fresh-looking website on Saturday 11 July, along with the first in a series of podcasts.

Build Your Scene isn’t really a podcast… It’s an idea. The idea is based on a feeling we have all had about the music we love, positivity – belonging to a family, excitement and anticipation to see a band we love and a sense of purpose or the being part of something and having value.” ~ Kyle Puller (project leader, Build Your Scene)

Kyle, with his previous management experience from the label days, describes the team’s (which can be credited as: Nathan McClure, Richard Poultney, Karen Drew, Graham Pitout and Brendan Glover) effort as being directed towards re-injecting the sense of ‘brotherhood’ and cross-support into the local scene with view to attracting new-comers, and perhaps winning back the faith of a few of the jaded ‘oldies’ who laid the foundations.

“Our methodology is based on an old idea: to ‘pay it forward’. Whatever we manage to do for a scene builder – which could be a band, club, promoter, photographer, etc – we ask that they pay it forward to someone else in a way that will better the local scene and create positivity and in turn lead to more instances of ‘paying it forward’.” ~ Kyle Puller

The central focus of the website, currently, is the podcast feature. As a medium, this offers a unique platform to the scene, and since we at M4A don’t know of any others which are locally active and current – and focused on our topic of first love: African metal – we asked Kyle a little about why this choice:

“The podcast came about because we needed to anchor BYS with a forte in the scene whilst also being aware of the saturation of various different roles, such as promoters, news sites and publications. We didn’t want to eclipse anyone or occupy space that is already being used by an entity doing their part. So, we figured there aren’t tonnes of podcasts, let’s do this. The podcast is great because the medium allows listeners to hear straight from the bands or scene builders that we feature; they can get to know them; relate to them on a personal level. Obviously, next thing on the list is video episodes, but we thought we would leave that ace in the sleeve for a later day. BYS aims to be a voice of positivity and support in a scene comprising of pure potential. We want to get the best out of it, but more importantly, put our best in and encourage others to do the same.” ~ Kyle Puller

The second podcast is scheduled for early August and should follow with fresh podcasts every two weeks thereafter. Apart from podcasts, the BYS website will serve as host to a growing directory network of local bands, promoters, venues, photographers, publications and whatever other scene-building entities come to surface. The website will also serve as a hub of sorts, pulling featured content from the full variety of sources within the scene-builders network, and directing viewers and visitors to the site towards those resources.

For a direct link to the newly-launched podcast, featuring talks with guys from Zombies Ate My Girlfriend and Take Hand, click here.

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