Last One Alive: Blood and Salt as final preview

Last One Alive 2017 Blood and Salt

Cape Town, South Africa: winners for Best Music Video at the 2017 SAMMA, Last One Alive are back with another single release. Today’s drop with ‘Blood and Salt’ is the final piece in the cycle to launch the band’s debut EP, which releases formally in mid-November.

Blood and Salt, a showcase of dynamic

The band’s self-titled debut will consist of five tracks, of which ‘Blood and Salt’ makes the third preview available for listening. The first was ‘Kiss The Ground’, released in 2016 along with its award-winning music video.

“We decided to put out one last single before we unleash the full EP on our fan-base, and it was unanimously decided that this track was the one”. ~ Ric Shields (guitar/backing vocals, Last One Alive)

Ric describes ‘Blood and Salt’ as showcasing a different end of the band’s musical spectrum as compared with the previous two releases.

“Whereas ‘Kiss The Ground’ and ‘Revolve’ come on strong with a guttural blend of condemnation and jagged edges, ‘Blood and Salt’ turns the lens inward to gaze on one’s faults through the dim tunnel of hindsight. It’s our most progressive and melodic offering to date”. ~ Ric Shields

Blood and Salt: from demo to master

‘Blood and Salt’ was the first demo which vocalist Joel Dickson laid an audition over. Ric shared some more detail on what makes this song stand out for the band:

“It was clear from the outset that although heavy riffs and harsh vocals would be a mainstay of ours, it would be a complete waste to not give Joel a platform to use his distinctive singing voice. It’s this balance that we believe we leverage really well to stake our claim on some of the local heavy metal real estate. We certainly don’t feel like we fit into a genre filing drawer, and we want to expand our sonic blueprint outward in the new material that we’ve already begun to work on. You can always expect something dynamic from us. We don’t really care for rules”. ~ Ric Shields

Last One Alive will live-launch its Last One Alive EP on Saturday 17 November at Mercury Live in Cape Town. Supporting acts include Atlantic South and Reverse The Sands. Physical CDs will be available for purchase, with digital distribution going live across major platforms the following day. For full event details and updates, join the official facebook event page.

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